Warranty and repair policy


Our goal is for you to be a happy cyclist. Therefore, we guarantee maximum comfort. However, we can not guarantee that our items will last forever!

We guarantee that the purchased products are 100% IXCOR quality and will be replaced or repaired if any defects are detected. In IXCOR, we prefer to simplify things, which means that: "Any manufacturing defect you detect in your article during the first three months after purchase will be repaired or exchanged. Without buts".  There is only one simple condition: IXCOR products are highly advanced, so it is essential to offer specific advice on their use. This is why IXCOR emphasizes selling its articles only through cycling specialists. Accordingly, IXCOR only repairs or guarantees products purchased at authorized IXCOR points of sale. For this reason, we request that all returned garments bear the name and address of the authorized IXCOR distributor as well as the date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required (eg, receipt, invoice, etc.).


Warranty conditions

IXCOR products are handmade by highly qualified craftsmen. We are experts in the production of technical cycling equipment. We can say with total confidence that our processes, methods and production standards are unique;  our products can never be considered ordinary. While it may be true that perfection only exists in nature, at IXCOR we strive to achieve it. However, since errors can occur, we do not consider this a problem as we will try to find a solution for each client. Get in touch with us if you need help.

All IXCOR products have a twelve (12) month warranty that covers defects in materials or manufacturing; This warranty does not apply to general wear or improper use or storage.



During your life and under certain circumstances, even IXCOR garments may require minor repairs that your nearest tailor may not be able to perform.

How to manage repairs

The simplest, fastest and most direct way to manage a repair is to contact us directly and inform us of your problem. Get in touch with us and we will help you with the greatest possible diligence.


Repair procedure

Wash your IXCOR garment.
Mark the damaged area with an adhesive so that we can identify the defect immediately.
Print and complete the IXCOR warranty form if you have already registered your garment or add a brief description of the problem in writing.
Remember to include your full name, address, phone number and email address.
Include your proof of purchase and indicate the name and address of the store where you purchased the product, as well as the date of purchase.
Pack the garment correctly.
Send your package by registered mail or courier, and save the postal receipt, or the receipt of the courier shipment. All shipping costs associated with the return of items for repair will be at your expense.
Remember that we can not receive shipments that have not been previously authorized.

Send your return to:



As soon as we receive your payment, we will verify it and look for the best solution for your case: repair, partial guarantee or total guarantee. IXCOR reserves the right to charge for repairs and partial guarantees. If your repair or partial warranty involves an expense, we will consult you before performing any task. We will also contact you if there is any delay or question.