VLR Gaultier GREEN woman

VLR Gaultier GREEN woman

Intense heat
VLR Gaultier GREEN woman
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The Gaultier jersey has everything you need to enjoy the hot cycling days: super breathable fabrics, seamless sleeves and a tight pattern.

Limited edition for men and women in 2 different colors.

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Description of product

We launched a limited edition of the Gaultier jersey with our VLR pattern that offers us the greatest comfort and technicality on the bike.
Made with the best Italian fabrics and topped with the small details IXCOR make this jersey a unique piece.
The fabric of the front is formed by a carbon thread that makes when sweating evaporates do not give off bad odors.
The zipper is hidden behind this fabric thus creating a union across the front.
We have decided to use micro-perforated tissue in the back area that allows all sweating to evaporate while protecting us from UV rays.
The sleeves are made of our PLX fabric that we cut over the shoulder without seams and creating a continuity with the skin.
The silicone band with our embossed motto will create a perfect union with any of our culottes.

Basic characteristics
  • Super breathable
    Large reflective band
    Reinforced seams
    Competition cut
    Lightweight zippers
    Made in Barcelona
    Elegant design
    High UV protection
Care and cleaning
Machine wash at 30ºC
Do not iron
do not use dryer