IXCOR x AKIN Bags Yellow

IXCOR x AKIN Bags Yellow

IXCOR x AKIN Bags Yellow
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A high-quality handlebar bag made of extremely resistant waterproof material with a capacity of 2,5 litres.

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The IXCOR x AKIN bag is 100% Made in Spain using the highest quality of technical fabrics designed for extreme mountain sports.


The main body is made of multi-layer X-Pac fabric by Dimension Polyant.  In addition to being extremely abrasive resistant, the combination of strong X-PLY fibres makes the interior 100% water resistant while at the same time creating the ideal diamond shaped structure.


The well-studied design has been thought of for daily use, as well as sporadic adventures.


3 compartments with a total capacity of 2,5 litres allow much needed cargo to be stored in the bag, rather than on the cyclists back.


An exterior elastic band allows for storage as well as on the fly access of vests, windbreakers, caps, or any other item.


Perfect fixation is achieved across three points by securing two straps plus an elastic cable that connects to the steering tube, eliminating possible rocking in irregular zones.


The IXCOR x AKIN bag can be flipped around by rearranging the two straps in order to allow for convenient right-handed or left-handed opening.

Basic characteristics


  • Ultra-resistant X-Pack 100% waterproof material.
  • Waterproof zipper.
  • High capacity inside pocket.
  • Mesh pockets on two sides for quick access.
  • Adaptable to right or left-handed riders.
  • Double safety connectors plus attachment point to avoid rocking.
  • 2,5-litre capacity.
  • Dimensions: 25cm x 10cm (width x height).
Care and cleaning