Conditions of contract



The following conditions apply to all orders placed with IXCOR CYCLING S.L. (C/THOMAS ALVA EDISON 35 08787), which operates under the trade name IXCOR.CC. The conditions apply immediately once an order is placed online. By placing an order, the consumer accepts the conditions set out below. The present conditions do not affect the rights that accompanied by law. For any questions, contact the seller. The terms "company", “seller”, "us", "our" or "we" will refer to SCOR EQUIP S.L. The terms "customer", “consumer”, "you" or "buyer" will refer to the person or entity that places the order.





Your order represents an offer to formalize a purchase agreement. When an order is placed, the consumer will be sent a confirmation email to explain all relevant details ("Order confirmation"). The Order Confirmation does not represent an acceptance of the contract. Its purpose is to confirm receipt of the order. It will only become a contract of sale once the requested products have been sent and the consumer has received a notification on behalf of the warehouse confirming that the products have been shipped.

If a product included in the same order for which a shipping confirmation has been sent, but this product has not been included in the shipment, the contract of sale for said product has not been formalized.

During the purchase process, the buyer accepts our General Sales Conditions established on this page.



Our ability to process orders also depends on us being properly supplied with the products within the corresponding deadline. If any of the items requested is not available, we reserve the right to terminate the Contract. If the products you have ordered can not be sent, we will notify you immediately. If the amount owed has already been paid, we will reimburse you immediately. We do not accept any responsibility for damages that result from delays in shipments, unless it is certified that there has been negligence on our part.

If any or some of the products within the order are not available within the corresponding period of time, we reserve the right to offer an alternative shipment through one of our business partners in your region, with the same conditions. In this case, we will offer you the opportunity to accept this alternative shipment.



We will let you know if an item shown on the website is no longer available or if its price has changed.




All prices indicated on the IXCOR.CC website are expressed in the following currencies:

EUR (Euro)

It is possible that shipping costs must be added to these prices. Information on shipping costs is displayed on our website and can be viewed at the time of placing the order. The prices indicated at the time of the order are correct, except for errors and omissions.






All items are sent from our warehouse to the address given. Any information regarding the delivery time will not be binding, unless we have specified a real delivery time. Whenever possible, orders will be sent in a single shipment. If an order contains items packed separately, they will be sent separately and may be delivered in different terms.

With standard service, the order should take 1 or 2 days to process and ship. 

If a deposit or advance payment has been requested, delivery will be delayed until the requested amount has been paid in full.



We currently ship to more than 100 countries around the world. Unfortunately, we can not make deliveries to post office boxes.



All orders are sent through a chosen courier service. When products are shipped, the consumer will receive an email with the tracking number of the package.



Shipping costs:

Check the section «Shipping costs». Products shipped outside the European Union may be subject to import duties or taxes applicable in the country of the destination. These costs shall be covered by the consumer and will be added to those reflected in the invoice. Contact your local customs office for detailed information.




Payment of purchased items and shipping costs may be made by credit card or PayPal. If the requested products are not available and the payment has been made, the payment will be credited to your bank or PayPal account.



Payments by credit card or PayPal

We accept payments made by VISA, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

For us, it is extremely important to protect your credit card and your data. All financial data related to your transaction is sent using an encrypted automatic protocol to which neither IXCOR CYCLING S.L. nor independent third parties have access.  This information will only be used in case of refunds.  For security measures, a credit card number shall be requested in order to place an order.


5.2 Security


To guarantee the safety of your data, IXCOR uses SSL security software protocole.  Using this system, your data, name, address, and credit card number is encoded and sent safely over the internet.  During the transaction, no third parties will have access to your data.





The description of products, instructions, plans, illustrations, data, as well as descriptions of weight, size, and use of items, which is included in flyers, catalogues, mailings, newsletters, advertisements and price lists from IXCOR are strictly informative.  Public announcements, acknowledgments, or manufacturer announcements do not reflect or represent a contractual condition of the related articles.  No guarantee is offered in relation to the accuracy of this information.


6.2  Warranty Conditions


IXCOR products are handmade by highly qualified craftsmen.  We are experts in the production of technical cycling equipment.  We can assure with total confidence that our processes, methods, and standards of production are unique, therefore cannot be considered ordinary.  Although perfection does not exist but only in nature, at IXCOR we strive to achieve it.  However, errors may occur, and in such case our intent is to find the solution for each customer.  Contact us in case of any assistance needed.

All IXCOR products have a guarantee of twelve (12) months that covers defects in material or manufacturing; this guarantee is not valid for wear or for erroneous use or storage.


6.3 Repairs

During the lifetime of each garment, and under outstanding circumstances, even IXCOR garments may require small repairs that your local tailor may not be able to carry out.


6.4  How to carry out repairs

The simplest, quickest, and most direct way of managing a repair is by contacting us directly to inform us of the problem.  Contact us and we will assist you as diligently as possible:


Warranty and process of repairs

  • Wash your IXCOR garment.
  • Mark the damaged area with an adhesive so we can detect the damages area quickly.
  • Print and fill out the IXCOR Warranty Form if you have previously registered your product or add a brief written description of the problem.
  • Remember to include full name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • Include receipt of purchase and indicate the name and address of the shop in which the product was purchases, as well as the date of purchase.
  • Package the product correctly.
  • Send the package by certified mail or courier; and keep the postal receipt or courier stub related to the shipment.  All expenses associated to the return of articles for repair will be covered by the owner of the article.
  • Keep in mind that we cannot receive shipments that have not been previously authorized.


Ship your returns to:






Upon receival of payment, we will verify and find the best solution for the case:  repair, partial warranty, or total warranty.  IXCOR reserves the right to charge for repair or partial warranty.  If your repair or partial warranty contains a charge, we will notify you before proceeding with any processes in order to receive confirmation of process.  We will also contact you in case of any delay or question.




During the warranty period, if a defect covered by the warranty is informed, the defect will be corrected or the defective article will be exchanged at our discretion.  All other petitions solicited by customer shall be excluded in respect to defective articles, in particular any request of compensation for damages or termination of contract.

In any case, compensation for damages caused by defects or derived from such is excluded.  In regards to other cases, the following limitations will be applied:  In regards to damages that may be caused physically or in any way to general health, we shall only be held responsible for those which are directly caused with intent, willfulness, gross negligence, or premeditated breach of essential contractual obligations by our part or those who work in our name (i.e. transportation companies).


Statutory laws


Statutory laws governing product warranties remain unchanged.

Given current technology, we cannot guarantee that data transmission over the Internet will be error-free and permanently available.

Accordingly, we do not guarantee constant and uninterrupted availability of our online store during the ordering process in the event of technical or electronic errors beyond our control, especially delays in the processing and acceptance of offers. We are not responsible for links to other sources or web pages that may be created, and we do not guarantee their availability.

We do not offer any guarantee regarding the content of such links, even in the absence of evidence of an illegal nature of their content. 



The products offered are published on the website as clearly as possible. While we have tried to reproduce the colors of our products as closely as possible, due to the individual nature of the graphics on your screen or your printer, we cannot guarantee that the colors displayed on your computer will match those of the actual products.