For the launch of our new cyclist jersey Zander, we decided to make the shooting with our friend JuanMa Furió, Valencian by birth and currently living in Malaga.

We have designed the piece that will make the hot hours cooler where the sun reaches its highest point.

In the design department of IXCOR have made a combination of fabrics adapted to our VLR pattern to create the ultralight Zander jersey.

On the front we have placed one of our favorite fabrics, formed by a carbon thread that makes the sweat evaporate quickly and does not leave a bad smell.

On shoulders and back we have opted for the microperforated fabric in the shape of a fan, specially designed to allow rapid back evaporation. In turn, it protects us from the sun thanks to its resistance to UV rays.

The applied IXCOR logos are all reflective dark colors. Thing that will make our routes safe in hours with the lowest luminosity.

Three independent pockets and large capacity to store any provision and our belongings.

All this makes a fast jersey, which is reflected in its design with lightning texture. We launched these two versions of the limited edition that we are sure, we will see a lot this summer on the tracks and roads.

We hope you like it and we show you the new video and some of our favorite photos. 

Maillot Ciclista
maillot ciclista reflectante
maillot Ciclista
maillot ciclista