Last June, the people of TRANSIBERICA celebrated the TRANSPYRENEES ultra-cycling race.

This test has a very clear and hard rule:

  1. Ride safely, ride responsibly.
  2. Ride under your own power.
  3. Be self-suficient.
  4. Design the official route.
  5. Control your tracker.

The participating riders had to comply with these guidelines during the 950km and 24,000m of positive climb that awaited them. That is the distance between the cities of Llançà, in Catalonia, to Donosti, in the Basque Country. 

IXCOR wanted to join the sponsorship of this challenge along with other great brands such as APIDURA y DOTWATCHER giving support with our usual media team.

We share the documentary that we have done so that you can enjoy it at home watching how these riders crossed the Pyrenees from coast to coast.

More information about new TRANSIBERICA challenges on their website.