Toni Jiménez is another example of R.W.A (Riders With Attitude). People with the philosophy that IXCOR identifies, who live from and for the bicycle.

In the mornings, he goes through the streets of Barcelona, ​​delivering messaging in the most ecological way there is. In the afternoon, rides on gravel bike to enjoy the groads or near his home.

Toni has been in the cycling scene for more than 9 years. He started 5 years ago working as a bike messenger in what is now his own courier company Fast BCN 

that he is leading for 3 and a half years.

Toni rides between 40 / 50km average through the streets of Barcelona and close area.

Loaded with packages of all kinds it has two bicycles, one of them a Bullit (cargo bike) where it loads the heaviest packages. 

Even so, his passion for cycling means that when he finishes his day he will continue pedaling either gravel, road bike or fixed gear for pure leisure.

Check this new chapter of our RWA series where you will see how is Toni’s day by day.

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