Summer 2020. John Finlay (Marc Grau) and Young Nils (Nils Kamminga) set off on the trip of their lifetime in the Post Covid-19 era. One of the destinations throughout this unforgettable journey is the Arbuckle Pass, where they will take on some of the best bike packing terrain to be found. What they don’t account for is the mysterious lumberjack Richard Speck aka Dirty Richard (starring Dustin Firestone) who is no friend to outsiders. 


Directed by PeteroftheSpoon.

Direction Assistant: Albert Bada.

Starring: Dustin Firestone | Marc Grau | Nils Kamminga | Carles Riera | Alberto Reguero.

Focus Puller: Eulàlia Rubio.

Drone: Mdrone.

Music: Santi Méndez.

Colorist: Julia Rossetti.


Special thanks to:

Gartite’s Barbershop.

The Draft.

HJC Sports.

Robert Ribas.

Saida Sabariego.

Riki Rocket. 

Anna Mateu. 

Cristobal Terron.

Isma Terron.

Jordi Tudela.

Antoni Pons.