Nils Kamminga at Badlands

After being forced to abandon the Transpyrenees due to injury, Nils Kamminga was ready for Badlands, the challenge he had been waiting for all year.
The 700km-route, made up of trails from the beach of Cabo de Gata to the peak of Veleta at 3212m altitude, is surrounded by spectacular landscape crossing the only official desert terrain in Europe.


Photo Juanan Barros (@juananbarros


The #73 cap was aware of the climatic conditions he could face along the way and trusted in the Outsider kit (link) as a result of the versatility provided by its side pockets as well as the extra comfort found in the jersey’s relaxed design.
Sleeves, legwarmers and his favorite Smaüg windbreaker were used throughout the cooler moments of the journey.
His Jimmy gravel bike, equipped with 750b wheels and 2.1 tires for improved traction on sand as well as extra cushion across the rocky trails, was a great selection after seeing how many of the other riders had complaints with flat tires and sore arms throughout some sections. 
The bags used for the test were handmade by Nils himself and provided enough space for the basic tools needed throughout the 3.5-day adventure.



Photo PeteroftheSpoon (@peterofthespoon) 


The main objective for Nils was to simply enjoy the test and finish within the organization’s allotted time limit. And that’s how it went, with Nils completing the 700km with 15,000m of slope in 86 hours and 20 minutes.


Photo Juanan Barros (@juananbarros) 




Photo PeteroftheSpoon (@peterofthespoon)