This July 5th the IXCOR Ride took place in Palma de Mallorca. The ride was jointly organized with the Jo&Bikes bike shop.
The best gravel trails awaited us on what was an amazing day in the southernmost part of the island.
21 riders met up for the event along with the official IXCOR team. The team didn’t pass up the opportunity to take advantage of the amazing conditions to debut the new OUTSIDER kit The new kit is specially designed for gravel and was released on the IXCOR website just last week.
Joan (Jo&Bikes) was also debuting material in the event as various models from the IXCOR Custom line were seen looking sharp on the gravel.  These specialized items can be found exclusively at Jo&Bikes at 9 Ignasi Ferretjans Street, Palma.





The ride went as planned and riders were able to combine infinite trails with single tracks full of vegetation and adrenaline in an unforgettable day of gravel in good company.
Mid-route provided the participants with a chance to grab a bite for breakfast like locals and have a chat reflecting on the first part of ride.





The trip back to the capital, now much more relaxed on a full stomach, provided spectacular views as it trailed along wall-lined paths through fields of almond and other fruit trees native to the Balearic Islands.
Another great experience to add to the list along with the other “rides” organized by IXCOR and announced on our social media.
We hope to see you next time out.