On Sunday 28 we celebrated our first gravel ride to show some of the best groads close to Igualada.

Eleven riders starts the ride at 9am.

The weather was nice like a fantastic spring day.

At km 30 we prepare a small refreshment with fruit and nuts to recover strength and bring the whole group together.

After some puncture, the ride continued through the lands of l'Alta Anoia, where the riders could see the awesome fields in the area.

The gravel roads were luxurious and with all the accumulated positive slope, it was only necessary to go down and enjoy the views, a single track and the arrival at IXCOR. Where we had a fantastic paella that we could taste with the members of our team.

The route was 60 km with about 1000 m of positive height gain at 21 km / h of average speed.

Stay tuned for upcoming IXCOR events.

Gravel Paella