We are already starting the new year and with it a lot of purposes. From IXCOR we offer you a perfect variety of cycling jersey so you can start or keep progressing on your bike. We also have our cycling shorts that will make your training days much more bearable.

That without leaving aside our new Oslo jackets, with front membrane to prevent cold from entering our body. At the same time it leaves us perspiring and feeling dry.

In this Christmas story we want to thank all the members of the team that participated in the shooting and that was a great success.

It stars Marc Casals, a great man, friend of the house and that shows us his best acting skills.

All adorned by the great Carmen Corredera in order to create a typical Christmas atmosphere. Among the cast we have Juan Corredera, in the role of the Godfather, and Elisabet Mota and her little Gina who together make the scene an authentic family dinner.

For the professional we could have the honor of having Airan Fernández, a professional Team Matrix from Japan. We take advantage of "returning home for Christmas" to appear in the short film.

Many thanks to PeteroftheSpoon, Luis Maldonado and Alex Sabuquillo for the efforts to make everything fit perfectly.