BADLANDS Documentary

Would you be up for a non-stop ride over 700km, on gravel , with 15.000m climb, crossing deserts and climbing the highest paved pass in Europe, in less that 43 hours?

Following the rigorous efforts made by our media team, we are pleased to present the documentary of the competition that’s got everybody talking this year.

The excruciating route prepared by the Transiberica team is shown in its true nature throughout this video where you can find a summary of what took place this August in the Andalucian outback.

Lachlan Morton, this year’s astonishing victor, was able to finish the route in less that 43 hours. This year’s competition provided even a greater challenge due to the heavy swings in weather conditions between day and night along the grueling journey.

We are sure that Morton’s feat will catch the eye of professionals and amateurs alike from all around the world and show what ultra distance competition is all about.

We are extremely proud of the opportunity to form part of this competition and without further ado, we present you with this video brought to you by IXCOR and PeteroftheSpoon.