One adventure more


I decided to come back home after a crazy year, at least for a couple of months, and of course, in "ultracycling" and self-sufficiency mode.  
Italy is now a land that I pretty much know and every time it's easier. Pedaling here is like a kids' game.
During the first day I crossed the Maritime Alps and the South France inner lands. Windy journey, but very worthy because the Eurovelo 8 offers stunning views while you ride on little traveled roads. A total luxury.

I arrived to Euskadi and there I decided to stay for a week: friends, tattoos, hilly rides, eat and drink until you're full. Being there is like being home.

The next step was preparing for the first challenge, a coast to coast ride: Bilbao-Vilanova, 540km and 5.000 meters climb in less than 24 hours, non stop!. I don't know why, but probably the good weather, the tailwind, the riding desire or my good fitness level at that moment, but I certainly finished this challenge in less than 24 hours, I can't believe it myself.


When I came back to Vilanova, I decided to have some rest. After more than 2.000km riding, that rest was well deserved. There I could see my family and friends. And I started fronting my new challenge, an "Everesting".
The big day arrived and I started to ride at dawn. It was gonna be a long hard day and the weather was not making it easy, but mentally I was very motivated and, little by little, I overcame the odds. My parents gave me all the support, I know that without them I couldn't make it to the final. After 15 hours of non stop pedaling, I finished the "Everesting". A hell of a challenge achieved!
Words: Victor Subirats
Translation: Roger Portillo